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National Curriculum
Positioning, Possession and the 1-4-3-3 Playing Structure
Skill Training Certificate - participants manual (U/9-U/13)
Game training - participants manual (U/14-U/17)
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2015 FFV Rules and Regulations

Managing the expectations of young Goalkeepers

Trial Assessment Forms

BSC Trial Assessment Form
BSC Trial Assessment Example

Players Accessment Forms

Excel 97-2003 xls version
Excel 2007 xlsx version

BSC Templates

Word 97-2003 Sample
Word 97-2003 Template
Word 2007 Sample
Word 2007 Template
Powerpoint 97-2003 Sample
Powerpoint 2007 Sample
Excel 97-2003 Sample
Excel 2007 Sample

Offside Information 

Offside is active from U12s.  For a simple explanation click here
For MiniRoos (U11s and below), there is no offside rule enforced (see rules of the games MiniRoos website) it states that instructing referees should discourage kids from standing in an offside position (goal hanging)

Attention all Coaches - Coaching Qualifications and WWC
If you have not already done so, please forward a copy of your current coaching qualifications and Working with Children Checks to Desiree at ASAP.  A scanned copy, iPhone/smart phone copy or photo copy will suffice.
If you have not yet completed your coaching qualification by enrolling in FFV scheduled public courses, your Head of Coaching can discuss this further with you.
If you do not have your Working with Children Check, you will need to obtain a form from any Post Office and send to the Department of Justice as soon as possible.  The process takes about 6 weeks so best to start on it ASAP.  Please advise us if you need any further assistance with this.
Thanks for your help with these matters.