Registrations for 2018

Open 22nd January 2018 for Existing Players!

Open 29th January 2018 for New Players!

Everyone involved with Brighton Soccer Club is required to register via the myfootballclub site – player, volunteer or coach.  Please use the links below and remember to type in our club name exactly as “Brighton SC (VIC) (CLUB)
Click on the required link:

    Registration for a Player       
    Registration for a Coach       

Registration Reminders
Only Brighton Juniors 12 -18  are required to upload a passport style photo (a resent head shot photo taken yourself is acceptable, please ensure it is clear and includes all of the head area) whilst updating their personal record on the MyFootballClub website. This must be completed during the registration process as it will be used for the player registration ID cards.  Your registration status will not progress until this is completed. Registration ID cards are mandatory for U12-U18.


Playing Up

If your child has been offered a place in a team in an older age group you will need to select the correct package to ensure the correct fee is paid. This year these are:

BSC Miniroos Playing Junior

BSC Junior Playing Senior

If you do not select the correct package your registration will have to be rejected along with your payment and you will have to go through the process again.

Please note FFA rules have a minimum age of 15 to play up in Seniors.


Miniroos  - DOB 2007 or younger

Junior - DOB 2006 to 2000

Senior - DOB 1999 to aged 35


Additional Questions – please ensure that all questions are answered – especially the Volunteers question.  A club this size relies heavily on its volunteers in a number of key areas associated with the running of the club. If you are unable to commit your time in any of the areas listed on the Volunteers page then please select the option of “Non Volunteer Levy” and pay this levy by selecting the "add on" Non Volunteer Fee at the time you  complete your registration payment.  Please be aware that this levy does not exempt parents or players from your compulsory weekly team rostered duties.


Returning Players and other players with Priority Registration - please note that your priority period to register closes on 28th January whilst you will still be able to register, registration will then be open to new players on 29th January and team places will be allocated in order of registration date and time until spaces are filled.


MiniRoos Girls U7 - U11.Girls aged U7 - U11 can play in Girls Only teams (Sundays) but may choose to play in "mixed" teams (Saturdays) instead of, or as well as, Girls Only. Please ensure that you select the correct package(s) when registering. Girls Only packages are clearly marked as Girls Only. Girls wishing to play in both Girls Only and "mixed" teams should register for the "mixed" teams and then contact the Vice President for Girls Only (Sandra Hermenjat on  ) to notify her that they also wish to play in Girls Only.


Kit / Uniform Size is one of the last questions in the registration process. Please ensure that you answer this question. Please take time to consider this carefully. The Club has almost 1500 players and Club volunteers and cannot take time to follow up size selections which appear incorrect (e.g. a “Men’s” shirt for an 8 year old). Clothing will continue to be supplied by ADIDAS for the 2018 season. The Club will supply shirts, shorts and socks. When registering you must select your sizes for shirts, shorts and socks. You can choose the right size by consulting the sizing chart which can be found on the Club website at|44117s. However, nothing beats actually trying on clothes to ensure the proper fit. If you are unsure about which sizes you need, you should nominate sizes at registration and then attend one of our fitting sessions in February - dates and times to be announced. If, after the fitting session, you decide you need a different size to the one that you have selected at registration then you can change the size after the fitting session. If you do not attend a fitting session you will receive the sizing that you nominated at registration and, if this turns out to be incorrect and you require a different size, then the Club will require payment for the replacement items before they are ordered.

New Members to Brighton Soccer Club must provide proof of id to verify the details entered on the myfootballclub site – a copy of either a birth certificate, or a copy of a passport, or a copy of driver’s license) to be sent to or posted to Brighton Soccer Club PO Box 398 Brighton 3186.


If you are having trouble registering your child through the myfootballclub website, please make sure you are using a computer (not phone or table), Google Chrome or Firefox (not Safari).

If after trying the above and you are still have difficulties please contact the following:

The main contact for players/parents when having any issues is:  

9474 1800 (ex 2)


Alternatively, MyFootballClub at FFA support:  (02) 8020 4199