Boys Football U12-18s

Graded Team Trials to be conducted in November 2017


Brighton Soccer Club is the largest soccer club in Victoria with around 1500 members and every year at Brighton, we undergo an assessment process to determine the players that are capable and deserving to play in a graded team. Generally at A or B level in the South division of the FFV. These boys are expected to be committed to their team and the Club. For boys returning to play in teams from C through to F level, are not required to attend the trials but ensure that the club is aware of their interest to return to play.


Our Aim is to have every boy playing at a level in which they can continue to develop their skills and enjoy the game. Players need to be challenged enough to push themselves and learn from their experience but also comfortable enough not to lose confidence in their abilities. This balance should be achieved whether a child is playing A grade or F grade. 


We work very hard to group players into teams of equal ability and have them play in the appropriate grade each year. With around 330 players in the boys U12-U18 age range, this is not an easy task. 


Graded teams (A & B) will be required to train 2 nights per week during the season and are likely to start preseason training in December or January

Ungraded teams (C to F) will be required to train 1 night per week during the season and may not start training until April when we gain access to Dendy Park.


Graded or ungraded teams will not start training until a coach has been appointed and preseason games will not commence until a Team Manager has also volunteered. Note U17 & U18 will not have trials but players are welcome to register their interest and be considered if there are spots available.


Assessments and Grading


All existing Brighton players will be assessed by their 2017 coaches and this information will be considered along with their trial results. In addition to this all players that want to be considered for a graded team or are new to the club are encouraged to attend the grading sessions in November 2017, the sessions are expected to begin around the 5th of November.


Head of Coaching Adrian Drury will be overseeing the assessment process, with assistance from our Coaches& independent assessors.




Teams for 2018


As we cover a large catchment area, we are anticipating to offer positions in 2018 for the teams listed below (and depending on player capabilities &numbers, this may vary) :


Born 2006            U12s – 1x Kangaroos(A), 1x Wallabies(B), 2x Joeys(C)

Born 2005            U13s – 1x A team, 1x B team, 1x D team, 1x E team

Born 2004            U14s – 1x A team, 1x B team, 1x D team, 1x F team

Born 2003            U15s – 1x A team, 1x B team, 1x D team

Born 2002            U16s – 1x A team, 1x B team, 1x C team

Born 2001            U17s – 1x A team, 1x B team, 1x C team

Born 2000            U18s – 1x A team, 1x B team

If you require further information, please email: