Junior Girls Grading Information 2019



 ALL girls eligible for ‘Juniors’ wishing to play soccer for Brighton Soccer Club in an A or B grade team in 2019 are invited to our grading days.

ALL girls eligible for U13/14 and U15/16 Juniors wishing to play C or D grade for Brighton Soccer Club in 2019 please register your interest with the relevant Year Level Coordinator. This group of players are not required to attend grading trials.

As girls leave the Miniroos and enter the Junior competition they are placed in teams based on their individual ability. In 2019, U12s will remain 9 aside on a half size pitch and the offside rule and a league ladder are introduced. Any team wishing to remain playing together as a whole team are invited to enter the Joeys (social) league, please contact the U12’s Year Level Coordinator to do this.

A and B Grade teams are competitive teams and selection is based on ability. C, D and Joeys for U12’s have a social focus.
All Junior Girls teams will be determined by the Junior Girls Head of Coaching (HOC) and the Junior Girls Leadership Group. Girls attending A and B Grade trials will be assessed on a range of criteria including athleticism, skill, position suitability and soccer sense. Please see some of the guiding criteria listed below.

External assessors have been engaged to run the 2019 A and B Grade trials and will provide their recommendations to the HOC and Leadership Group.  Our 2018 Coaches have completed individual assessments of all players and these will also be used as a tool in the selection process. Players will be advised of their selection via email.   Please note that an A/B squad may be selected after trials with offers specific to A and B teams not given until March 2019.  This will be made clear in your letter of offer.  Each age group may take a different approach.

Attendance at more than one age level grading is permitted, please make it known to the age group coordinators concerned if this is the case.

Players accepting a position in an A or B team will be expected to pay a pre registration levy of $480 to secure their place in the team. They will be expected to attend pre-season training November-April, pre-season tournaments, attend 2-3 training sessions per week and pay an additional levy for extra uniform and specialist coaching. These levies will be declared in the letter of offer, the levy will typically be between $200 and $400 and will be invoiced by the club.

Typically the FFV schedules matches on the long weekend in June and on the first and last weekends of the mid-year school holidays.  All players are expected to be available for every game.  Players who intend to be unavailable for games may not be eligible to accept a position in an A or B team.

Any candidate wishing to participate as a Goal Keeper in 2019 will be supported with specialised coaching.
All players have good and bad days and injury niggles, so girls are encouraged to attend as many grading or training game days as possible. This will help alleviate the ‘pressure to perform’ on a single day. We are understanding of availability issues at this time of year.

If a candidate would like to nominate to be part of a C or D grade team they do not need to attend grading sessions but please ensure that you have contacted your year level coordinator to express this.
The grading may not result in selection of a complete team and additional grading sessions may be scheduled at a later date.

Grading Dates & Times:

U12  Friday 9 November  5:15pm - 6:30pm

U12  Monday 12 November 5:15pm - 6:30pm

U12  If Required Only Monday 19 November 5:15pm - 6:30pm

U13/14  Friday 9 November  6:45pm - 8pm
U13/14  Monday 12 November 6:45pm - 8pm
U13/14  If Required Only Monday 19 November 6:45pm - 8pm

U15/16  Monday 22 October  6:45pm - 8pm
U15/16  Friday 26 October 6:45pm - 8pm
U15/16  Monday 22 October  6:45pm - 8pm


Please register via the links below.


Register for U12 Grading


Register for U13/14 Grading


Register for U15/16 Grading


Criteria Used for Player Evaluation


Does the player try to CONTROL THE BALL, when it comes to them, or do they look to kick it away?

Is the player CONFORTABLE WHEN DRIBBLING the ball? Does the player try to keep the ball close to her feet?

Does the player recognise when to DRIBBLE AWAY FROM PRESSURE?

Does the player MOVE INTO OPEN SPACE to receive passes?

Does the player naturally MOVE WITH THE GAME, or do they try to kick the ball and stand still?

Does the player try to RECEOVER THE BALL when the other team has possession?

Is the player MOBILE within the game?

Does the player MOVE when the ball is close to them?

Does the player have a high TRANSISITION WORK RATE?

Does the player transition quickly from ATTACK TO DEFENCE and from DEFENCE TOATTACK?


Age Eligibility

  • U15/16 - 2003/2004
  • U13/14 - 2005/2006
  • U12 - 2007

A player can try out for more than one age group and can be selected for a higher age level if her physical and technical abilities are deemed suitable by the panel of coaches




Shin guards are compulsory!

Pre-registration is necessary via Trybooking link or directly with coordinators listed below.


Grading questions


Any questions please email the relevant person below:


Under 12                         Chris Bayman


Under 14                  Mo Pfahi


Under 16                 Dimmi Dimas


Sue Collins
Administration Manager
Brighton Soccer Club
0478 923 391