For Instructing MiniRoos Referees 
  • Know the rules
  • There are no offsides
  • Goal keeper rules (no footy kicking)
  • No picking the ball up from a back pass
  • Throw-ins, corners
  • Indirect Free Kicks (all free kicks) use hand signal tell the players its indirect
  • Penalty from 8m out for deliberate handball or a foul in the goal area. 
Instruct the players: 
  • Discourage goal hanging and explain the offside rule although we do not enforce the rule.
         Example – instruct on foul throws.
  • Show the correct way to do a throw in.
         If foul throws continues, tell the coach to practice the correct way in training
          Always retake the throw in, future infringements give throw to the opponent
Above all:
  • Be positive
  • Blow the whistle loudly from the start
  • Direct the play
  • Make a decision
  • Ensure both teams enjoy the game  
Assistant Referee/Linesman
1.       Know the Rules
  • Offside
  • Throw-in/corners
  • Free kicks (Direct/Indirect)
  • Goal (Ball over Line)
  • Penalty
  • Substitution rules
2.    Listen to the Referee’s instructions
  • May not want you to flag for fouls
  • May ask you to not flag for offsides
3.    Choose your left back (Not your forwards!) Why?
  • Biased/Mistake pays
  • Easier for Referee
4.    How to flag
  • Flag in the hand of direction you are running
  • Flag to attract referee’s attention
  • Point in direction of play
  • Offside
  • Corner – point to corner
  • Goal kick – across middle
  • Throw-in – flag direction
  • Penalty – across chest
  • Foul – wave flag
Show offence (or say)
Point direction of offence
  • Goal – flag to the middle
  • Watch the Game
  • Help the Referee
  • Be Positive