Legend Coaches

Services to coaching at Brighton Soccer Club

Malcolm Abell
Phil Durston
 David Efron
Oscar Gonzo
Juan Hompart
 Paul Kyte
 Carl Parsons
 Glenn Taylor

 Paul Adlard

David Gates

Anthony Maguire

Past Committee Legends

Volunteer who has to have to of served on the committee

Carey Hazlebank (President)
Steve Jenkins (President)
Ruth Kyte (President)

Mike Roberts (President)
Chris Tait (President)
Simon Trumble (President)
Steve Asimoudis
Dean Anthony
Searle Batten
Lisa Murray-Segal
Andy Ogle    
Mario Valente

Chris Hill

Volunteer Legends

For managers, year group co-ordinators and other non-committee volunteers

Helen Asimoudis
Craig Dick
 Lynn Parsons
Ray Pritchett
Linda Ryan
Sharon Stockdale
 Desiree Taylor

Emma Hepples