Teamstuff - For Team Organisers

We as a club have decided to adopt one application (for our managers to coordinate their teams) to enhance communication and organisation for teams, year levels and the club as a whole.

To access Teamstuff use the following:

We are very fortunate to have help so close at hand rather than in another country, so please feel free to make suggestions to the Teamstuff team.

Ten Top Teamstuff Tips
  1. Communicate with your team before setting the team up in Teamstuff. Tell them why you’re using it, how it helps them, and find out their preferred email address from the very start. Saves lots of time stuffing around later.
  2. Each player is invited once, and once only. Invite Mum, or invite Dad, but don’t invite them both
    (....parents can add access for other parents etc after they have signed up).
  3. Encourage your parents to fill out their profile as fully as they want to: 
    • Add in emergency contact information (if they choose)
    • Add their own additional emails (in their account settings)
    • Keep their own information up to date.
  4. Add the whole fixture when you have it, and encourage parents to fill out known absences long in advance (e.g. school holidays or weekends away ).
  5. Don’t be afraid to ‘remind the slackers’. You’re a volunteer – this should make all our lives easier – so encourage your playing group to embrace it. Attendances are set by email, or web, or app. No excuses!
  6. Get mobile. Download the application and encourage your playing group to do the same.
  7. Set up and use your ‘magic’ email address for your team. Stop manually keeping track of the distribution list. Save your time and energy!
  8. Keep an eye on the blog for new features
  9. And if you need help – is the way to do it!