Registrations for 2018 - Boys Miniroos U8-U11

Registration Information for
Boys* MiniRoos U8s – U11s Players, Coaches and Managers (2018 Season)


This page is relevant to you if your child is born in 2007 or later and you wish to register your child to play for a Boys* MiniRoos U8 – U11 team at BSC in 2018.


*Please note that, as in previous years, Girls are able to play in these teams, but they are designated as "Boys" teams to distinguish them from the "Girls Only" teams that play on Sundays.

Please read this information carefully and follow the instructions. Mistakes in your registration application will delay your registration and, due to the high demand, may even result in your child missing out on a place.


This page contains information about the MiniRoos Registration Process. For information about MiniRoos teams, matches, training and trials please see the “Team Info” tab of the Club website:|28155i


Timing of Registrations

Registration opens for new MiniRoos players on Monday 29 January 2018 at approximately 9 a.m.


There will be an earlier Priority Registration Period for members who played in 2017 and they will be notified of the Priority Registration Period separately by email in early January 2018. 2017 players who have not received notification of the Priority Period by 12 January2018 (for example because they have changed their email address) should contact their Year Level Co-Ordinator or soon as possible.


You may also register during the Priority Registration period if you qualify under the Priority Registration Policy for MiniRoos Boys teams -  Click here for this Policy.


Returning players from 2017 are guaranteed a place if they register during the Priority Registration Period. Other players eligible for priority registration who register in the Priority Registration Period are not guaranteed a place but will be given priority over all non-priority registrations.


Please note that the Club will NOTconsider any non-priority applications until registration for new players opens onMonday 29 January. After this time we will consider registration for new players on a “first come first served” basis and places will be allocated in order of registration date until spaces are filled.


Important Note - The Club will close registrations as soon as each age group is full. However, as we cannot monitor registrations every minute of every day, some new players who have completed the registration process and paid the registration fee may ultimately notbe offered a place. Where this happens we will let the applicant know as soon as possible and refund their registration fees. Apologies in advance for this but this is unavoidable.


Registration Fees

Registration Fees for the 2018 season are $400 per player for MiniRoos Boys U8, U9, 10 and U11 teams.


Process for Registrations

All players MUST register via the MyFootballClubwebsite

Please use the links below to register and take note of the following important information.

When registering:

  • please use a PC to register rather than a phone or tablet – the website does not work well with a tablet;

  • if you have trouble with the system please try using a different internet browser. In particular, problems have been reported with Safari;

  • please ensure that you pay at the time of registering; and

  • after making payment, please ensure that you click "Next" so that you can answer the important "Additional Questions" in the next screen. If you cannot access these at this stage please log back in and use the "Edit" button to access them from your MyFootballClub homepage. 

  • Club Name: Our Club name “Brighton SC (VIC) (CLUB)”. Please ensure you use these words exactly or you may end up accidentally registering for another Club as there are several other Clubs with the word Brighton in their names.

  • Registration Package: select the registration package for your child’s age group as follows:

  • MiniRoos Boys U11 (born 2007)

  • MiniRoos Boys U10 (born 2008)

  • MiniRoos Boys U9 (born 2009)

  • MiniRoos Boys U8 (born 2010)

Please select the registration package carefully. If you choose the wrong one your registration will be delayed and you may miss out on a place.

  • Players playing “up” a year level: Football Federation Victoria insists that all players register for the package appropriate for their year of birth (e.g. all players born in 2008 must register for U10s). This is the case even if a player is playing in a different year level. Where a player is playing “up” a level you must register for the year of birth and then immediately send an email to the Year Level Co-Ordinator for the year in which your child wishes to play. e.g a player born in 2008 who wishes to play U11 should register for U10 and then send an email to the U11 Year Level Coordinator notifying them of this.

  • Kit/Uniform Sizes: One of the last questions on the registration process is your child’s kit/uniform size. Please ensure that you answer this question. Please ensure that you choose “Y” (Youth) sizes rather than adult ones. Please take time to consider this carefully. The Club has almost 1500 players and Club volunteers cannot take time to follow up size selections which appear incorrect (e.g. a “Men’s” shirt for an 8year old). As with last season clothing will be supplied by Adidas. The Club will supply shirts, shorts and socks. Each player must order and pay for a full kit/uniform. We appreciate that players may still have kit that fits from previous years but with 1500 players it is not practical to allow individual players to order only some components of the kit.

When registering you must select your sizes for shirts, shorts and socks. You can choose the right size by consulting the sizing chart which can be found on the Club website at|44117s. However, nothing beats actually trying on clothes to ensure the proper fit. If you are unsure about which sizes you need, you should nominate sizes at registration and then attend one of our fitting sessions in February - dates and times to be announced. If, after the fitting session, you decide you need a different size to the one that you have selected at registration then you can change the size after the fitting session. If you do not attend a fitting session you will receive the sizing that you nominated at registration and, if this turns out to be incorrect and you require a different size, then the Club will require payment for the replacement items before they are ordered.

  • “Additional Questions” – please ensure that all questions are answered – especially the Volunteers question.  A club this size relies heavily on its volunteers in a number of key areas associated with the running of the club. If you are unable to commit your time in any of the areas listed on the Volunteers page then please select the option of “Non Volunteer Levy” and pay this levy by selecting the "add on" Non-Volunteer Fee at the time you  complete your registration payment.  Please be aware that this levy does not exempt parents or players from your compulsory weekly team rostered duties.

  • Photos:Unlike older age groups, players playing in MiniRoos U8s – U11 teams are not are required to upload a passport style (head and shoulders) photo on the MyFootballClub website during the registration process.

  • MiniRoos Girls U7 - U11Girls aged U7 - U11 can play in Girls Only teams (Sundays) but may choose to play in Boys teams (Saturdays) instead of, or as well as, Girls Only. Please ensure that you select the correct package(s) when registering. Girls Only packages are clearly marked as Girls Only.
    Girls wishing to play in both Girls Only and Boys teams should register for both through the myfootballclub site (i.e. by selecting and playing for both registration packages) and will get a refund of 15% of their Girls Only registration fee from Brighton Soccer Club.

  • New Members to Brighton Soccer Club: After registration, new members to Brighton Soccer Club must provide proof of ID to verify the details entered on the myfootballclub site – a copy of either your child’s birth certificate or passport to be sent to

Confirmation of Player Registrations.

Once you have registered your registration will be shown in the Registration System as “Pending”. BSC will not formally accept Registrations in the system until March and they will remain as “pending” until this time. However, the Year Level Co-ordinator will email you as soon as possible to confirm whether you have a place (usually within about 10 days).


Process for Registrations – Coaches and Team Managers

MiniRoos Coaches and Team Managers must also register via the myfootballclub site.

  • Coaches should register as a “Coach”

  • Managers should register as a “Volunteer”


Compulsory Working with Children Checks

All MiniRoos coaches and managers over the age of 18 MUST obtain a working with children check and send a copy of this to before the start of the season unless they have previously provided their current WWC check to the Club.


Registration Links (myfootballclub website)

Click on the required link:

Registration for a Player       

Registration for a Coach       

Registration for a Volunteer   

Registration help links(myfootballclub website):

How to Find Your FFA ID Number
How to Create an FFA ID Number

For any issues with registration, please contact  

Year Level Co-ordinators


Oliver Mayger

0423 966 629


Wai Ling Lee  

0408 622 880


Liz Mee

0413 422 342


Michael Mack

0408 677 243


Further Information about MiniRoos U8s – U11s

Further information about MiniRoos u8s – u11s can be found elsewhere on this website under the “Team Info” tab:|28155i