17 Raptors Semi Final Win. Now onto the Grand Final
The Raptors were up for a red hot go at the chance of playing in the Grand Final this Sunday when they met the undefeated and league champions Brighton Fire in the Semi-final. The local derby over the last few years is always a competitive and hard fought contest. The Fire had beaten the Raptors both times when they met during the season but those games as the Semi-Final would be were played hard with courage, skill and competitiveness but still with Sportsmanship. The camaraderie can be seen i...
4th Annual Girls Only Miniroos Tournament
Congratulations to all participants in the 4th MiniRoos Girls Only Tournament Let's just say the weather was not really on our side on Sunday morning! Despite the harsh conditions the passion came through and about 600 girls in 47 teams competed in the 4th BSC MiniRoos Girls Only Tournament. We would like to officially congratulate every single player and their parents for a great day. You can all be very proud! A special shout out goes to the winners of the different categories: U8 BSC Braves ...
Volunteers Needed for Study In Apathy - Monash Uni
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