Poll on Reactivation of Elsternwick Park South Ovals - PLEASE VOTE!

Brighton SC (VIC), Sat Jul 7, 2018 9:52AM

Hi all,


This will only take a couple of minutes of your time and is critical as part of our ongoing battle to have the council recognize the needs of our sports-loving children. Even though council has identified AFL and cricket as the two sports that will likely inhabit the new ovals, which is disappointing, but it is encouraged you to still vote “yes” but note in your comment your disappointment with the exclusion of soccer. The more fields that are available within the municipality, the better. At present the ovals on the South side are not used AT ALL in the winter months! The council has a community meeting at the site on Sunday (middle weekend of the school holidays and our away round) and gave very little notice.


The information below is copied directly from Felicity Frederico’s Facebook post:


Another Thanks to Bayside Leader for running this story (attached) and another good reason to vote to ensure that our voice is heard this time round for Elsternwick Park South. The silent majority were not listened to during the recent debate on Elsternwick Park North. The vocal minority convinced the council representatives to miss the opportunity to provide a balanced development.

Due to the growth in cricket, AFL & soccer participation and in particular girl's sport we need additional sporting grounds along with developed pavilions for our junior teams.

Please act now by taking 2 minutes, signup to Have your say and respond to the question in the Quick Poll.

Select "Yes" to show you support the reactivation of the ovals and then enter your reasons.

The poll is critical, we need to let the Mayor and Councillors know where we stand as a community, otherwise valuable sporting grounds may be converted into open space & lost.

Last updated: Saturday July 7, 2018 9:52AM